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Bone Compression Kit



Bone Compression Kit :

Dental Bone Compression Kit includes :

4 convex screws of sizes ( 1.6/2.8mm , 2/2.3mm, 2.4/3.6mm, 2.8/4.2mm)

3 concave sinus screws of sizes( 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm)

2 latch handpiece adapters(long,short)

2 manual adapters(long,short)

1 lance drill

1 Ratchet wrench

 1 Sterilization Box

Bone compression kit  improves the treatment in sinus lifting and soft bone compression. A simple bone compression procedure enables better implantation and better implant primary stability. The compression kit can be operated either manually or with a contra angle, according to the surgeon’s choice.

Prevents traumatic osteotomy
– Increases bone density
– Increases implant primary stability
– Gradual control of bone expansion

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