Compact Surgical Kit
compact surgical kit
dental implant surgical kit

Dental Implant Surgical Kit


Dental Implant Surgical Kit
The Surgical Drills Kit accommodates all dental implant tools & instruments required to place the implants, providing the clinician with the facility to perform a broad range of treatment procedures to be performed using the minimum number of ergonomically designed instruments.

The Kit Includes:

1) Twist Drills

1) Twist Drills
– 2.0mm

– 2.5mm

– 2.8mm

– 3.2mm

– 3.65mm

– 4.2mm

– 5.2mm

with Laser Depth Markings on 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 11.5mm, 13.0mm & 16.0mm

2) Ratchet / Wrench Hex Drivers (Color Coded)
– 1.25mm Short / Long
– 2.42mm Short / Long

3) Contra Angle Hex Drivers

– 1.25mm

– 2.42mm

4) Parallel Pins

– Long & Short

5) Drill Extender

6) Marking Drill

7) Ratchet Wrench 6.35mm

8) Sterilization Cassette / Box / Organizer 

Dental implant surgical kit