Dental Soft Brushing Kit

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Dental Soft Brushing Kit

Description :

1) The concept: the concept of the Soft Brushing is to disorganize the collagen fibers of the fibrous periosteum: the stiffness is reduced and the flap release increases just by using the brushes.


2) The brush tools do not cut at all anything: The flap release is the result of the separation of the periosteum fibers


3) The kit contains 5 instruments

i. Regular

ii. Angulated R (right) for posterior area

iii. Angulated L (left) for posterior area

iv. Medium size

v. XL size


4) There are 2 possibilities of brushing: soft and slightly aggressive

i. Apical to coronal: soft

ii. Coronal to apical: the brush is more rough (when the flap is scarred: it’s possible to be more aggressive).


5) The brushing is made after a full thickness flap elevation: as deep as possible.


Brushing is only possible after a full thickness flap elevation, which has to be as deep as possible. Pull the flap with forceps and start brushing with the small size (regular or angulated for a posterior area). The movement is very precise: the brush is in contact with the periosteum and doing the same application: extension and brushing in a circular movement.