PRF Box PRF Instruments Manufacturer Sialkot Pakistan




DENTAL Implant P.R.F System:

Platelet Rich Fibrin box 1980 very useful system to

make multiple P.R.F of desired shape which

enables faster surgical procedures.


Quality :
Our Products have true high quality with nearly 0% of defect rate.
Made in Pakistan :
we have our own production in sialkot pakistan since 1990.
Price :
Best price/quality ratio on the market on a pakistan product.
Easy Ordering :
No minimum order quantity.
Fast Shipping :
We ship in 4 weeks ( or less ) after you place an order.
Reliability :
According to the data from last 10 years, our instruments loss rate is very close to ZERO.




Additional information

Weight .600 kg
Cassette for processing Autologous

Cassette for processing Autologous growth factors concenntrates and to obtain membranes, plugs and PRF exudate for hydration of bone grafts and membranes.

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