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Manufacturing :

Medical Design Implant System based in Sialkot, Pakistan is an internationally leading manufacturer and exporter of surgical and Dental Implant instruments. Our world class manufacturing facility employs a professionally trained staff of instrumentation engineers and manufacturing technicians. Highly qualified engineers and latest manufacturing CNC machines ensure that the most convenient technologies are always employed.
Features :

  • Set of 8 trephine burs
  • 0mm-9.0mm inside diameter
  • 0mm-10.0mm outside diameter
  • 10mm Barrel
  • 27 mm length
  • Depths Marked At 2, 4, 6 and 8mm

Please advise for the samples requirements in detail and we shall supply
true to the pattern that shall pave a way for long terms business relations.
We have the ability to customize and modify instruments
to fit the surgeon‘s individuals needs. We also provide an ongoing development of new products in cooperation with surgeons and healthcare professionals.

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