Orthodontic Instruments Dental Products We Offers Orthodontic Pliers, Orthodontic instruments, Distal end cutter,
ligature cutter, hard wire cutter, bird beak plier, tweed plier, weingart plier, arch forming plier, T-plier, three prong plier,
bracket removing plier, step plier etc all kinds and Sizes

Collections & Kits ( Rubber Dam )
Cutters. Distal End. Hard Wire. Pin & Ligature. Replacement Parts.
Hand Instruments.
Pliers. Replacement Parts. Slim. Utility. Wire Forming.
Scissors. Crown & Gold. Wire Cutting.
Tweezers. Bracket. Buccal Tube.

Important Features:


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  • MEDICAL DESIGN is supplying their products in whole the globe.
  • MD is manufacturing best quality products in huge range.
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  • MEDICAL DESIGN is manufacturer products with the quality of having high accuracy and consisten.

Orthodontic Instruments Dental

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