Physics Forceps (GMX 100/200) Standard Series physics forceps pakistan physics forceps High Quality Best Price Manufacturer Pakistan physics-Forceps Set buy online Dental instruments best price


The unique design of the dental Forceps allows for light

but constant pressure to be applied to the tooth which leads

to chemical changes in the PDL and subsequent release of the Sharpey’s fibers.

Once the tooth releases, it can be removed simply with a rongeur or even just your fingers.





-Upper Right – Teeth #2-5
-Upper Left – Teeth #12-15
-*Upper Anterior – Teeth #6-11
-Lower Universal – Teeth #18-31

extracting physics forceps

  • Predictable and efficient extractions in less than four minutes
  • Atraumatic extractions where you preserve the bone
  • Elimination of root tip fractures
  • No need for elevating or laying a flap
  • Very little operator movement (or strength) necessary

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